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City of Warrenton - Public Works


The Public Works Department
is the largest department within the City of Warrenton with 19 full time employees. Public Works' offices and equipment storage yard are located at 45 SW 2nd Street. We are responsible for providing safe drinking water; collecting and treating wastewater; maintaining the existing water, sewer stormwater, dikes/levees, parks, trails and streets systems; sanitation/recycling services; and the Mapping with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The Public Works Department works with the City’s Engineer of Record, Jim Rankin, PE. to budget, plan, design, and manage Capital Improvement Projects for water, sewer, storm water, parks, and streets/trails construction.

The City of Warrenton operates a 6 million gallon per day(MGD) Continuous Microfiltration(CFM) Water Treatment Plant located at 86646 Lewis & Clark Road, south of the City. The City uses surface water collected from a series of dams on the Lewis & Clark River and its tributaries. Additionally, the City has a 17.5 million gallon reservoir for raw water and two 3.5 million gallon reservoir tanks for treated water.

The City of Warrenton operates a 1.2 million gallon per day Sequencing Batch Reactor(SBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant(WWTP) located at 105 NE 5th Street . The City WWTP staff also operates a Septage Hauler dump station at the facility open to private haulers to dispose of septic waste.