2014 Fire Season Restrictions
If you reside within the Warrenton City Limits, 2014 Fire Season restrictions will begin at 1:01 am on Tuesday July 8, 2014.  Read More...

Notice of Budget Committee Meeting
A public meeting of the Budget Committee of the Warrenton Urban Renewal Agency, Clatsop County, State of Oregon, to discuss the budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, will be held at Warrenton City Hall.  Read More...

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City of Warrenton - Public Works

Engineering Standards & Master Plans

Engineering Specifications & Design Guide
The City of Warrenton Public Works Department has developed this Engineering Standards & Design Criteria manual establishing standards for civil engineering plan submittals and public infrastructure construction for development and improvement projects within the City of Warrenton. The manual specifically outlines plan submittal and approval processes for new and redevelopment along with design criteria for materials and construction plans used in improving publics works infrastructure and other public utility work. Additionally, Appendix A of the manual outlines the current permit fee schedule for all ROW permits issued by the Public Works Department.

Engineering Standards & Design Criteria manual

Water Quality Report 2014
We’re very pleased to provide you with this year’s Water Quality Report, which is attached to this public notice. We want to keep you informed about the excellent water and services we have delivered to you over the past year. Our goal is and always has been to provide you a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. There are many reports these days—in the press, on radio and television—questioning the safety of the water we drink.

• How safe is the City of Warrenton’s water?
• Where does the water come from and how does it get to my home?
• What is being done to improve the system?

To help answer these questions, the City of Warrenton has prepared this report to show you how our drinking water compares with nationally-established standards.

Water Quality Report

Report for System development charges
Draft SDC report

Warrenton Parks Master Plan - October 2010
The Warrenton Parks Master plan was published in October 2010. The citizens of the City of Warrenton, Oregon have ambitious goals for the revitalization of their community Parks and Trails System. Led by the Parks Advisory Board, City leaders and residents have developed these plans to enrich the community. The Master Plan defines long-term improvements to recreational facilities and expansion of the trails system in our community to enjoy the abundance of nature throughout the City of Warrenton.

Warrenton parks master plan 2010
20120110_Group_Event_Policies_FINAL_for_Warrenton.pdf 20120110_Group_Event_Policies_FINAL_for_Warrenton.doc

Warrenton Downtown and Marina Master Plans – April 2010
The Warrenton Downtown and Marina Master Plans were published in April of 2010. The citizens of the City of Warrenton, Oregon have ambitious goals for the revitalization of their community. City leaders and residents have developed these plans to implement long-term improvements that will enable the city to capitalize on changes to the local economy and build on its geographic advantages and distinct history in order to revitalize the city.

Waterfront Park
Main Avenue

City of Warrenton Water System Hydraulic Model report October 2011
The following summary report is used by the City of Warrenton to develop and maintains our hydraulic modeling for the City’s water system. We use this as a starting point in developing new water main extensions for new development and it is presented for use by Engineers for reference in new development planning.

2011 Water Hydraulic Model Summary Report